Team arrived at Bonneville Friday afternoon.  We set up and got teched Saturday and Sunday.  Monday Morning we made our shake down run of 148 mph shutting down at mile 2.  The second run at the 3 mile we broke the existing record with a speed of 167.539 mph.  We went to impound for inspection and made our backup run Tuesday morning first thing which resulted in a 171.123 mph run with an average speed of 169.331 mph.  We drained the event diesel and added B-20 Bio Diesel and returned to the course to run 173.180 mph with a maximum speed of 182.143 mph.  Two records in Four Passes!

After a bet with Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. we found out that the Super Duty Land Speed Truck could drift with the best of them and destroyed a new set of Daytona Goodyear Tires in 19 seconds.  Looking forward to drifting the Super Duty with Vaughn’s Mustang some day.  Video available at:

We loaned Long Time friend Don “The Snake” Prudhomme the 1967 Shelby Super Snake Dragster for use in the up coming Snake and Mongoose Movie.  Look for it in a theater near you!!


The NASCAR Hall of Fame has selected 4 more of our cars for the Glory Road and Hall of Honor Displays.  They include:  Bobby Allison 1973 Chevy Malibu, David Pearson 1969 Torino Talladega, Dale Earnhardt 1990 Lumina and Dale Jarrett 1999 FORD Taurus. The 1963 Fireball Roberts FORD Galaxie has been on loan for the display since the Grand Opening.  It has truly been an honor to have 5 cars  in the Hall of Fame.  There are many more nominees cars in the collection.  We are looking forward to providing more cars for the future.

We have cars that have been driven by all five of the 2015 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees which include: Fred Lorenzen, 1965 FORD Galaxie, Wendell Scott, 1966 FORD Galaxie, Ex Cale Yarborough, Rex White, 1963 Mercury, Ex Parnelli Jones, Joe Weatherly, 1964 Mercury Marauder and Bill Elliott, 1987 Thunderbird.  It was quite an honor to have cars from this distinguished group and hope we can have more hall of fame vehicles in the future.